RIVOLTA R is the first filly born in our breeding program that benefits from the new regulation introduced by APHA (RG-070.4).

Until last year this filly would have been registered as Solid Paint Breed (Breeding Stock) but having both parents Paint (the sire is Bay Tovero and the dam is Sorrel Tobiano), having some typical breed characteristics and also having the DNA test highlighted the presence of the “White Gene”, RIVOLTA has been registered as Regular (Overo).

The genetic test through the DNA test is very useful because it reveals the presence of possible genetic diseases, and because it allows to know exactly the “secrets” of colors (red factor, agouti, etc.) and patterns (frame overo – tobiano – sabino – splash white – dominant white).

Before deciding any crossing, a good breeder should remeber the Panel Test for diseases and carefully analyze the color test of the mare and the stallion. You avoid unpleasant surprises in order to breed the ideal foal.

At our breeding farm, you can get all the informations and a useful feedback on the genetic test of your horse.
Edited by Alberto Rodeghiero, doctor in animal breeding sciences.

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